How can I be sure my Soothe Shirt fits?

Here’s how to make sure you have the best size

Your shirt fits well when...

  • It’s tight to get on, but comfortable once in place and wearing.
  • You can pull the nursing panels around your breasts to nurse.
  • Your baby is held in the pouch with their head on your chest above your breasts.

Your shirt is too small when...

  • The elastic band goes across your bust and won’t fit underneath. Try lifting your breasts above it and then pulling the shirt down.
  • You can’t fit a nursing panel around your breast to nurse.
  • It feels uncomfortably tight while wearing.

Your shirt is too big when...

  • You have to wear a tank or bra under your Soothe Shirt because the v-neck sinks too low when your baby is in the pouch.  
  • The armholes pull down substantially when your baby is in the pouch.
  • Your baby’s head sits below your bust while in the pouch.  Their head should be between your breasts and close enough to kiss.

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