My baby was just born, but my shirt is too tight!

First of all, congrats on your baby!!

The first thing to consider is how many weeks postpartum you are. Since your whole body has been expanding during pregnancy, we recommend waiting to try a different size three to four weeks after giving birth. This will allow your milk supply to regulate and your body to shrink back to normal a bit. 

Also, it's good to remember that your Soothe Shirt is meant to fit snug since it is not only a shirt but also supports the weight of your baby. It helps to think of your Soothe Shirt as similar to the feeling of a shapewear garment- supportive but comfortable. 

The best way to try on the Soothe Shirt is actually different than you might think- it's by stepping INTO the shirt, instead of trying to pull it over your head. This way, you can easily pull the shirt up, and slide your arms through the armholes. Then the bra panels will be in place and the elastic should sit under your bust. 

If you can, wait until you are fully 3 weeks postpartum, and then try the shirt on. If it still feels uncomfortably tight, please reach out to our Customer Happiness Team and we'll help you! :) 

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