What if my shirt is too tight before my baby comes?

We do recommend waiting until after you have your baby to assess the fit. Your whole body is currently expanding to get ready to have this baby. Not just your stomach, but your ribs and hips, too! :) So trying it on now is not giving you a good idea of what size it will be a couple weeks after your baby comes. 

Two to three weeks after your baby comes, it's good to remember that your Soothe Shirt is meant to fit snug since it is not only a shirt but also supports the weight of your baby. It helps to think of your Soothe Shirt as similar to the feeling of a shapewear garment- supportive but comfortable. 

The best way to try on the Soothe Shirt is actually different than you might think- it's by stepping INTO the shirt, instead of trying to pull it over your head. This way, you can easily pull the shirt up, and slide your arms through the armholes. Then the bra panels will be in place and the elastic should sit under your bust. 

Once you have waited 2-3 weeks, and if the shirt is still uncomfortably snug, a different size is a great idea. We created a page on our website that outlines the steps and will guide you through the process.  Here is the link to get started -  www.lalabu.com/returns

If you have additional questions about sizing or the process, please contact our Customer Happiness Team and we can help!

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