Soothe Shirt Sizing Chart


  • Don’t try your Soothe Shirt on while pregnant.  This will lead you to think you need a larger size than you really do (even when you are in your first or second trimester).  Please wait until your baby is born to try it on.
  • It may be difficult to get on, this doesn’t mean you have the wrong size.  Keep pulling down until the elastic band fits comfortably underneath your breasts.  You may even lift your breasts up and over the elastic band.  The Soothe Shirt needs to fit snug for the pouch to hold the baby correctly.  
  • Don’t size up to get a bigger pouch.  The pouch size is the same across Soothe Shirt sizes.  Your baby will gain a bigger pouch as your postpartum tummy shrinks back to your pre-pregnancy size.  As your baby grows, you shrink. 
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